Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Book of the Week

A few weeks ago I started making a Book of the Week activity at our writing center.  I have a little box on that table and I will try and pick a book that I can make an activity of some kind relate to it.  

A House For Hermit Crab
Author: Eric Carle
I chose this one a few weeks ago. Now I had never actually read it, but I had skimmed through it and I thought I grasped the ides behind it so I set up an activity where the kids could pick the best house for crab out of random items.  Well when I read the books to the kids before I explained the activity, I realized I should have read it first (lesson learned hehe). So after I read it I cut up strips of stickers and put them in a cup and told the kids they can use the stickers to decorate the house once they picked the best one.  It was so fun watching them pick the house and then decorate all of them with the stickers. 

Courage of the Blue Boy
Author: Robert Neubecker
 I had read this book, several times in fact.  I love its message of putting a little bit of yourself out in the world, even if its scary.  So I cut out people shaped from blue paper and gave the kids 3 dot markers to dot their blue boy with color.  Several kids took home quite a few Blue Boys. This could be done with markers and crayons as well but my kids loved having a chance to use the dot markers. :)

Tumble Bumble
Author: Felicia Bond
I recently read this book for the first time and totally fell in love with it.  It is a simple rhyming book. Its starts off with an ant walking and he meets a lot of new characters and then they break into someones house. LOL  I found this part the funniest. So I drew up the characters and the yellow house for the kids to reenact the story and add to it as well.  Please note the characters I took time with but the house I did fast because I forgot to make it until I go to school and the kids were begging to play with it all. So far the kids really seem to enjoy it. :)

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