Thursday, February 28, 2013

Book of the Week

 This weeks book is titled 'How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight?' By Varsha Bajaj.  It is a cute counting, rhyming story about different baby animals that want different amounts of kisses.  Starting at one going up to 1 million. 

Monday morning I read the book to the kids and showed them the activity I created for it.

 This is a really fun count the kisses and matching activity. I created the charts in Mircosoft word.  They took a bit of time.  If you would like a copy of them please leave me a comment.  I have them saved on my work computer and will get them transferred to my laptop if there is a want for them. :)
 I gave the kids magnet numbers for matching and gems for counting out the kisses.  When I played it with the kids I made a kissing sound as I put the gems out.  The kids giggled each time I did that.  It was pretty fun.

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