Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dr. Seuss--10 Apples Up On Top

We recently celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday by reading his books all week and doing activities that related.  One of my favorite Dr. Seuss books is 10 Apples Up On Top.  I found that a site that has some really cute Dr. Seuss activities. 

 My favorite was where she took the characters from 10 Apples and let her kids color them and then color or glue red things onto apples.  Then they all got stacked on their heads.  I did this for my kids.  They got to decorate up to 10 apples.  A bunch of them did 10 but some did less.  As for what they used to make them red I had a limited supply there. I let them choose between a red marker, red crayon, red pastel crayon, red tissue paper, and stamping red letters. 

I provided a direct link to just the pictures of the characters in case they got buried in the site among other great ideas.  I personally hate when you have to search and search for one idea you want. 

For the apples I did an image search on Yahoo for  apple clip art.

10 Apples Up On Top Characters:

To go along with the book I made a magnet center. I copied smaller versions of the characters onto yellow paper.  Then I made smaller versions of the apples on white.  I made 30 apples, so that each character would have 10 apples.  I spent a while coloring, cutting, gluing, and covering each one with contact paper.  You can save yourself at least one step by cutting out apple shapes out of red paper (two if you make it red card stock). Then I put and adhesive magnet on all of them.  The kids really like stacking the apples all different ways.  Its fun to see the creativity come through on this activity.

Not sure if I want to make a separate post for this.  I made a giant Cat in the Hat for the kids to take pictures with.  I had to show it off. :)

The kids made large Cat in the Hat hats.  They did not want to stay up very well for photos. lol

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